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This post is going to be all about this movie I saw recently at the cinema called Just Mercy, featuring Michael B Jordan and Jamie Fox and also a little bit about the outfit that I wore on Instagram.

The movie itself is a poignant masterpiece about the journey of an innocent man going through death row. The main character was played by Jamie Fox and it did not fall short of his usual stunning performance in movies. It was a moving take tackling issues about race in America, question the ruthless justice system put in place and also to my absolute pleasure, references one of my favourite book, to kill a mocking bird and mirrors the books motif in doing so.

Usually I am not a person who opts for Dramas or serious movies as I love to laugh and so comedy is usually my first option, however I found my self losing it whilst getting into the plot and fighting back tears as the film reached its climax.

A transformational role for Michael B Jordan and I am sure he will be recognised for his portrayal or the troubled lawyer leading the narrative so well. 

For the date night look, I decided to opt for a casual yet chic look, serious and edgy much like the film. I teamed a graphic tee, with some plan black jeans and a leather black jacket, all from H&M. I also added some accessories to accentuate the look and add a little, well needed glam.

I hope you like the look and my review. Will you be checking out the movie? Let me know in the comments below.

Outfit details:

Jeans: http://www.hm.com

Jacket: http://www.hm.com

Bag. http://www.Kurtgeiger.com

Tee: http://www.hm.com

My current skincare routine

I had never really put a lot of effort into my skincare routine in the past as I was lucky enough to never go through acne.

In fact, luckily all of my bad spots wound up under my chin! So if I couldn’t see, I didn’t take care of it. Such a bad, bad mantra.

Looking back I wish I would have educated myself more on what truly works on my skin and discovered more about my skin type. Right now, I am at a stage where I feel almost at war with not my spots, but actually my production of melanin or over production there of.

Being quite light in complexion the few blemishes I get are hugely noticeable after they scare and usually like to stick around for maybe a month or six…

Anyone else suffer from hyperpigmentation? It is the bane of my life. No matter how much water I chug down, it’s not the spots but really the mark that they leave behind.

Feel like that quote be a huge metaphor for other pesky people who have entered my life but that is a story for another day.

My skincare routine used to be mostly made up of clean and clear products which did nothing really for my blemishes and as I grew up and having really sensitive skin I stuck to Simple products as a bible.

But now only just educating myself of ingredients and different skin types am I venturing out of my comfort zone.

My current skin care routine favourites:

Drops Of light Pure Resurfacing Peel

I use this product weekly and is part of my skin care routine to help me rid of my hyperpigmentation. I like the way it works to peel off dead skin cells but in a way that is gentle and not harsh to my skin to make way for new skin cells and repair.

Neutrogena refreshingly clear facial wash.

I Initially for this product because of it ingredients being grapefruit, vitamin C and glycerin. I use this day and night and can easily get this at any drugstore. This product is a cleaner I use for blemish prone skin to achieve clearer and radiant skin.

Body Shop Drops of light serum

This holy grail oil I got on a limb as nothing was really working for my skin and I wanted to make a good investment. A little pricey but 100% worth it. I am already seeing huge progress in my skin with every use and I use this every day.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Time Lotion

I got product initially as I wanted to move from my usual routine and I had a good experience with the toner and good a good result. Getting It I did expect a more moisturising feel as it is a rich product and is a night cream however it does tighten my face a little and I don’t feel I am as moisturisered as I could be, however I am a still awaiting the results.

I feel I owe my diet as well for how few spots I get. I tend to avoid sugary and process foods and are plant based vegan. I always avoid fizzy drinks and such more for my teeth than anything but it seems to keep them at bay.

Anyway, what is your skincare routine? What products do you use and are you loving lately? I would love to know.

Searching For The Astral At The Tate Modern

In the corners, lost souls are tucked
bent and searching,
a hope to be and to live unyielded.
The traveller’s silence.
humming wildly, yearning
for an astral journey painted within.

I loved how these works of art mirrored the world I was building, especially the fading hope image and how in the last image, it looks as if the world has gone upside down.

I had never been to the Tate before, but it was a great day, decided to break up the somber mood with some drinks with a close friend at the end.

Are you into dystopian themes? I would love to know your take on this and the images above, did you get a similar reaction?

The most courageous act.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

Coco Chanel

My birthday passed a few days ago and during that time and this time, I always find myself reflecting. I always reflect on the past year, what I have done, what I have learnt and usually and too often recently I have always fallen a little short of my expectations.

I didn’t realise for a while that the reflection I was looking at everyday wasn’t a true reflection of my self.

I was always seeing myself in another persons eyes, how would I perceive my self if I wore this, if I acted one way or if I chose this career path as opposed to the other .

I didn’t realise then then, that this was what I was doing, and I didn’t have a huge aha moment either.

Not many of us do. We just carry on living our lives in the image of someone else’s until sometimes it’s too late to realise you are living a life that is not yours.

When they say ‘live your best life or don’t worry about the haters’ they’re terms that have been thrown around so much that they have lost their true substance and importance in the world we face today.

Something much bigger than dealing with nasty comments or putting up with others bad crap is what is mostly lost; as it should be fear of living a false life that we must address first.

Courage is not just facing big bullies or standing up for your self. It’s sometimes something small like choosing to be unforgivably yourself in world full of expectations and roles.

It’s taken me a long time to realise who I was or who I wanted to be and to realise that for a long time, I was ashamed of myself and who I truly wanted to be.

Parts of my self I kept sheltered away, afraid that if others saw them or even worse if I saw those parts reflected back to me, I would reject them.

I decided this year, that for once I am going to give myself a break, stop living up to unreal expectations or trying to be someone or something that is simply me or who I am.

I am starting the process of shedding away parts of myself that I kept to please others, and I have never felt more liberated. My biggest takeaway during this is that, regardless of how messy it can be or how vulnerable you feel, you should choose to be yourself everyday and live a life of courage.

To our young years, may they be full of the adventure and the courage of discovering yourself and how to be you.

Till the next one,


Dress & Bag Are Pretty Little Thing

Graduation, What I wore & Take-aways…

December the 10th marked the end of my studies (I hope) after four years of university. Having graduated before two years prior this was not my first rodeo, I knew the low down, mingle, drink champagne, clap, take photos, more champagne and a meal with my loved ones…

However, this graduation had a slightly different taste, as a winter graduation, were expectations were everywhere, where I imagined a sort of white scenery with snow and Christmas lights, it was a cold & windy day in Nottingham and my cap kept blowing off, not in a picture-Esque way at all, more like it dropping near a puddle and someone trodding on it.

Nevertheless, it was a day of pride, especially on account of my mum, who that day actually for once saw a halo over my head as opposed to devil horns. I guess walking away with a Masters, the first in my family the pride in her eyes was all worth the rain and incessant clapping.

For the day, I wore in hopes of all the Christmas lights a pair of sparkly pointed shoes, which I adored despite the blisters from running around, so if you are graduating soon, I suggest you test out your shoes.

I also wore a satin emerald slip dress accessorized with a diamante bracelet & gold accents totally giving myself ultimate Christmas tree vibes..

Overall it was a very lit day, and I walked away with a new iPhone and Apple watch at the end, so possibly, the best win yet

-oh and my Master’s degree!

Time Management Hacks

If you are a person like me and you are not a morning person at all, then this might just be the blog for you today.

Being a morning person is not easy for those who it does not come natural to.

Whether you are a night owl, cranky riser, or just plain old coffee fiend, the tips I have accumulated might just help you begin to wake up earlier, boost your productivity and becoming one of those all so put together ‘morning people’.

The first step is to recognise the benefits, what’s the best thing about being a morning person?

The Time, right?

Imagine all those extra hours you get to take your time, be stress free, maybe even treat yourself to a latt this morning or get in more hours of productivity, and that is just to name a few….

The point is you need to be visual about WHY you want to be a morning person and that vision must also be tied down to something you really want to get out of bed for… (trust me you will need it)

Other benefits?

Well morning people are said to be healthier and fitter than the rest of us, turns out morning people are more likely to make healthier decisions, exercise in the mornings and have more energy throughout the day.

And perhaps my favourite benefit is that you can become more mindful.

Not only does having a good morning routine help you to be consistent morning person, but it also means that you can schedule in time for some yoga, reading and meditation, which are all activities that increase mindfulness, helps to relieve stress and help you become a better person overall!!

So, what are you waiting for?

Ready to become a morning person? The video is below!

Till the next one,

Healthy Habits to Get Summer Ready

Hey there Bloggers!

Its been a while, and I haven’t posted in ages, but I have been super busy focusing on my vegan page, if you don’t follow me yet on Instagram It is www.instagram.com/plantbasednyah!

I like to post daily recipe ideas, workouts and vegan tips on anyone thinking about adopting the lifestyle. If you havent read my Why I went Vegan Article, you can get acces right here!

Anyway, it is officially summer time and some to you, may be going away this summer, wanting to get bikini ready or just generally healthier, so I thought to create a healthy habits post with my top tips for getting healthier.

These tips literally CHANGED my life, and If you want to implant these too, they can also have a great affect on your lifestyle!

The video is linked below! If there are any tips you would like to add, feel free to leave a comment below!

Any way,

Thats it for now!

Nyah xo

Tips For Motivation

Trying to be more motivated can be a struggle. Infact, motivation is the one big hurdle you have to overcome first before reaching your goal. Motivation is often the little demon in the way of you reaching towards your dreams.

You want to loose weight, you want to be more organised, you want to start studying you want all these things…. but you don’t have the drive.

Motivating yourself is a lot harder than it seems. Often we find ourselves stuck between the pain of wanting to reach a goal and the general comfort that comes with being stagnant.

The truth?

Motivation takes change, it takes coming OUT of your comfort zone and being uncomfortable. Growth is a process of you becoming something else, shedding your skin and evolving into something even stronger and more powerful than you were before.

Ofcourse it is going to take a LOT out of you, but the results? Actually accomplishing that goal you have wanted … unlimited.

Are you struggling with motivation? If so I have put together a video of the two fundamental hacks to understanding how motivation works and how you implement daily habits to you meet your most important goals. The video is below like, comment and share with someone who needs to be motivated today.

How to survive boxing day shopping

Boxing Day shopping has to be the most exciting and eventful part of Christmas, not quite sure why its become such a tradition but the thought of it alone is both exhilarating and expiring to think about.

The lure of low prices, new clothes or perhaps to grab something you didn’t get this year could be explanation of why so many of us crowd the shopping malls after Christmas.

Thank god for internet shopping! Shopping online has drastically changed boxing day and reduced the amount of people in the shops. However, if your like me and enjoy shopping leisurely, then I have curated a few tips for you, to survive Boxing Day this year.Have a budget

Are you an implusive shopper? You might be and might not know it. If you find yourself frequently over spending, winding up with way more than you needed, and with a bunch of clothes that are won a few times and then never again, then yes you might be. Budgeting is a crucial step to helping you overcome your impulses by calculating exactly how much you have as you do along and putting a restriction to your spending.

Have a list.

I know I always have a few things in my head to get when Boxing Day shopping and I also hate it when I come back with nothing on that list! Crushing, also meaning that you will have to go back and get the item on full price. The best way to do this is to have list either on paper or on your phone, to help you navigate better throughout your shopping journey and to help you get what you came after.

Go Light.

I have had to wait hours in queue for Boxing Day shopping sales once, an experience that was both exhausting and stifling, even worse when the doors actually came to open and a whole flood of people went in. My bag got thrown around the place, I got pretty heated and flustered and wanted to leave immediately. The whole experience would have been a lot better had I dressed appropriately and comfortably. Going light makes the trip a lot more durable and enjoyable.

Pace yourself.

This is supposed to be a fun event, running around grabbing something hideous just because its the last one in your size is not the way to do it. Make sure you take a break, go online if you need to and to only get items that you know you will appreciate. After all, after the Boxing Day sales follow the January sales which will last longer and won’t force you to head out at 6am with a hangover from Christmas.

Till the next one.


Christmas OOTD

If you do want to add that little bit more of a sparkle to your Christmas and show up in style, then I have created this post for you. Whether you are off to a party? Struggling to impress or just looking for inspiration, I have listed below my favourite looks from my favourite brands this season below to help you craft your perfect look!

I love these outfits, they are perfect for if you are out and about on Christmas, either visiting a lot a family or enjoying the outdoors! These are chic and perfect for the winter season. Both from UA

Too much sparkle? I love this body suit/unitard, I would pair this with some comfy trousers, or a nice pair of disco pants to add more flavour to your Christmas spirit. You can shop for this one with AmericanApparel

This angel top is stunning. It pays homage to all the wonderful religious elements to Christmas and also is so pretty that it looks like you just fell off the top of the tree. This you can grab from Motel.

Left it too late? Go classic with some luxurious pyjamas! Easy simple and who knows they might already be wrapped up in one of your gifts! You can find this with H&M.

A designer twist on a classic Jumper this season. This one is a perfect mix of classy and stylish this year, I love the little pearls and embellishments at the hem and collar of the crop and how they add a glamorous touch to a classy look. If you are looking for a splurge you grab this at Balmain.

That’s it for today, let me know which look was your favourite and give this post a like if you would like to see more posts like this.