My current skincare routine

I had never really put a lot of effort into my skincare routine in the past as I was lucky enough to never go through acne. In fact, luckily all of my bad spots wound up under my chin! So if I couldn’t see, I didn’t take care of it. Such a bad, bad mantra.Continue reading “My current skincare routine”

Benefits of Coconut Oil?

With all the controversy going around at the minute about coconut oil, I thought I would write about the benefits of coconut oil that don’t particularly harm your body. Coconut Oil is a holy grail item in my house and I wanted to share with you, all of the benefits you can reap from usingContinue reading “Benefits of Coconut Oil?”

L’Oréal’s true match foundation review

I have been waiting to do a beauty review for a long time but, I couldn’t think of exactly what to do to the review on. All of my makeup routine was so second nature to me that it felt weird to do one on the only foundation I have ever used. I usually goContinue reading “L’Oréal’s true match foundation review”