Hey guys welcome back to Nyah Rose Blog! As I am writing this I have just posted a new video on my channel, so check it out here. This post is going to be all about this movie I saw recently at the cinema called Just Mercy, featuring Michael B Jordan and Jamie Fox andContinue reading “JUST MERCY | DATE NIGHT LOOK”

My current skincare routine

I had never really put a lot of effort into my skincare routine in the past as I was lucky enough to never go through acne. In fact, luckily all of my bad spots wound up under my chin! So if I couldn’t see, I didn’t take care of it. Such a bad, bad mantra.Continue reading “My current skincare routine”

Searching For The Astral At The Tate Modern

In the corners, lost souls are tuckedbent and searching,a hope to be and to live unyielded.The traveller’s silence.humming wildly, yearningfor an astral journey painted within. I loved how these works of art mirrored the world I was building, especially the fading hope image and how in the last image, it looks as if the worldContinue reading “Searching For The Astral At The Tate Modern”

Graduation, What I wore & Take-aways…

December the 10th marked the end of my studies (I hope) after four years of university. Having graduated before two years prior this was not my first rodeo, I knew the low down, mingle, drink champagne, clap, take photos, more champagne and a meal with my loved ones… However, this graduation had a slightly differentContinue reading “Graduation, What I wore & Take-aways…”

Time Management Hacks

If you are a person like me and you are not a morning person at all, then this might just be the blog for you today. Being a morning person is not easy for those who it does not come natural to. Whether you are a night owl, cranky riser, or just plain old coffeeContinue reading “Time Management Hacks”

Healthy Habits to Get Summer Ready

Hey there Bloggers! Its been a while, and I haven’t posted in ages, but I have been super busy focusing on my vegan page, if you don’t follow me yet on Instagram It is http://www.instagram.com/plantbasednyah! I like to post daily recipe ideas, workouts and vegan tips on anyone thinking about adopting the lifestyle. If youContinue reading “Healthy Habits to Get Summer Ready”

How to survive boxing day shopping

Boxing Day shopping has to be the most exciting and eventful part of Christmas, not quite sure why its become such a tradition but the thought of it alone is both exhilarating and expiring to think about. The lure of low prices, new clothes or perhaps to grab something you didn’t get this year couldContinue reading “How to survive boxing day shopping”