My current skincare routine

I had never really put a lot of effort into my skincare routine in the past as I was lucky enough to never go through acne. In fact, luckily all of my bad spots wound up under my chin! So if I couldn’t see, I didn’t take care of it. Such a bad, bad mantra.Continue reading “My current skincare routine”

All night rouge!

I love a red lip, but I adore one that stays on all night. Don’t you hate that smudgy slightly clownish pout after a long night? Me too! I suggest you try this sleek matte lip stick! This is a long lasting glitzy night out essential! It Doesn’t leave an outline after and stays onContinue reading “All night rouge!”

L’Oréal’s true match foundation review

I have been waiting to do a beauty review for a long time but, I couldn’t think of exactly what to do to the review on. All of my makeup routine was so second nature to me that it felt weird to do one on the only foundation I have ever used. I usually goContinue reading “L’Oréal’s true match foundation review”

SS18/ Pretty Pastels

I was going through my wardrobe for something to wear for this party where the dress code was ‘semi occasional’. I couldn’t think of anything that fit this category and I just kept digging through this, (way too large) pile of dressy clothes, when I was blinded by this vibrant yellow blur. I pulled itContinue reading “SS18/ Pretty Pastels”

Blast from the past! The sports skirt?

Following my previous article on the topic of the fashion industry and its portrayal of real athletes. I wanted to explore how this portrayal can be taken further specifically in terms of gender. In the last article I articulated that, for women, it was the ‘Victoria Secret-esque models’  that were preferred for advertising in sports magazines andContinue reading “Blast from the past! The sports skirt?”

“If your not happy wearing denim, you’re a devil in disguise”

Its Just a Jacket with sleeves and a few pockets. Its just a denim container  to keep our insides shut. A little promise that no drop will touch your skin in the rain Just a little warmth to keep your bones from shaking. Just my denim jacket. Today I have decided to praise ye oldeContinue reading ““If your not happy wearing denim, you’re a devil in disguise””

From Journals to Blogs

Hello World! My name is Tatiana and I am a 19 year old student currently living in the city. I have finally decided to start a Blog! its been something I have always wanted to do but never really got round to doing. So today marks the grand opening of Tatiana’s treasures which is a Blog quintessentiallyContinue reading “From Journals to Blogs”