My current skincare routine

I had never really put a lot of effort into my skincare routine in the past as I was lucky enough to never go through acne.

In fact, luckily all of my bad spots wound up under my chin! So if I couldn’t see, I didn’t take care of it. Such a bad, bad mantra.

Looking back I wish I would have educated myself more on what truly works on my skin and discovered more about my skin type. Right now, I am at a stage where I feel almost at war with not my spots, but actually my production of melanin or over production there of.

Being quite light in complexion the few blemishes I get are hugely noticeable after they scare and usually like to stick around for maybe a month or six…

Anyone else suffer from hyperpigmentation? It is the bane of my life. No matter how much water I chug down, it’s not the spots but really the mark that they leave behind.

Feel like that quote be a huge metaphor for other pesky people who have entered my life but that is a story for another day.

My skincare routine used to be mostly made up of clean and clear products which did nothing really for my blemishes and as I grew up and having really sensitive skin I stuck to Simple products as a bible.

But now only just educating myself of ingredients and different skin types am I venturing out of my comfort zone.

My current skin care routine favourites:

Drops Of light Pure Resurfacing Peel

I use this product weekly and is part of my skin care routine to help me rid of my hyperpigmentation. I like the way it works to peel off dead skin cells but in a way that is gentle and not harsh to my skin to make way for new skin cells and repair.

Neutrogena refreshingly clear facial wash.

I Initially for this product because of it ingredients being grapefruit, vitamin C and glycerin. I use this day and night and can easily get this at any drugstore. This product is a cleaner I use for blemish prone skin to achieve clearer and radiant skin.

Body Shop Drops of light serum

This holy grail oil I got on a limb as nothing was really working for my skin and I wanted to make a good investment. A little pricey but 100% worth it. I am already seeing huge progress in my skin with every use and I use this every day.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Time Lotion

I got product initially as I wanted to move from my usual routine and I had a good experience with the toner and good a good result. Getting It I did expect a more moisturising feel as it is a rich product and is a night cream however it does tighten my face a little and I don’t feel I am as moisturisered as I could be, however I am a still awaiting the results.

I feel I owe my diet as well for how few spots I get. I tend to avoid sugary and process foods and are plant based vegan. I always avoid fizzy drinks and such more for my teeth than anything but it seems to keep them at bay.

Anyway, what is your skincare routine? What products do you use and are you loving lately? I would love to know.

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11 thoughts on “My current skincare routine

  1. Good for you that it was that bad. My brother left it and got so much worse and now he is on a skin routine for his face. Recommending this post to my sister, I’m sure she would love to read about these nice products and learn more options.


  2. I used to shop at the BodyShop all the time back in the day but I haven’t checked them out in ages. The Drops of Light line looks like something to check out for sure though. My skin is generally oily but as I’ve gotten older I’m seeing dry batches that tend to get discolored in the winter. I really hate when my skin looks uneven. If these products are good for hyperpigmentation, then they’re just what I need.

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